Clearridge™ Covered Arena

clearridge 12.0 (80’x160′) | clearridge 14.0 (72’x204′) | clearridge 28.0 (120’x240′)

The Trilogy Clearridge™ series is the ideal solution for the covered horse arena. Available in three sizes, the Clearridge™ boasts numerous options to meet the needs of any indoor riding arena all the while maintaining minimal cost and maximum flexibility. The beauty and functionality of this horse arena is made possible by its unique fabric roofing and structure by WeCover. The translucent roof optimizes natural daylight, spreading soft light evenly into every corner of the building.

Trilogy Ban and Stable Company offers additional design services in the areas of site design; landscape architecture; site grading and drainage; lighting and electrical design; as well as assistance in regulatory agency applications. We have available structural engineering services to design the foundations for your particular site, and also offer additional structures including stables, storage, pasture shelters, and equipment barns on your property.

trilogy standard arena package
  • Seamless Fabric: Each truss panel is a continuous run of seamless fabric from soffit to peak; has more than a 20-year lifespan; and helps conserve electricity by providing soft, even light throughout.
  • Overhang: An extended roof overhang sheds water away from the equine arena foundation, keeping the structure on solid ground.
  • 12′ Truss Spacing: 12′ spacing makes a sound structure, eliminating sagging or fabric flap. Each 12′ wide panel is adjusted by its own tensioning system.
  • Straight Leg: A straight column provides maximum interior space and adequate headroom for equestrian use.
  • Truss Depth: Torsional rigidity and added strength is achieved by the truss depth which ensures your investment lasts a lifetime.
  • Round Tubing: All truss tubing is round for maximum strength. Round tubes distribute load evenly for a guaranteed sound structure.
  • Saddle Cut Webbing: All joints are saddle cut for perfect fit and maximum rigidity. All saddle cuts are welded with a complete 360 degree bead.
  • Vent Holes: Trusses are able to “breathe” via stratigically placed vent holes which prevent moisture build-up and vastly reduce the potential for rust.
  • Hot-Dip Galvanized: Ensuring lifelong quality, all metal components and trusses are hot-dipped after welding for even coating and maximum protection.
  • Structural Engineered Plans
  • Installation: The installation of arena structure and fabric roof by a friendly and professional WeCover crew.
  • Kickwall: Safe, secure, and designed to any height and of any finish material, a kickwall can enhance your riding arena. Canted or sloped options available.
  • Cupolas: As hot air rises, cupolas ensure air flow throughout the structure to make sure your not “full of hot air.”
  • Overshot: The overshot opening at the peak of the roof is designed to optimize fresh air flow year round.
  • Gable End Fabric Truss Cover
  • 12′ High Fabric Gable End Cover
  • Roll Up Fabric Sidewall: Sidewalls are a great way to open things up. Raise or lower the walls of your structure for maximum air flow.
  • Custom Roof Pitch: Select your desired roof pitch to match your geographic, environment or aesthetic.
  • Wall Material: Select a wall material that meets your needs whether it be metal, wood, concrete, brick or fabric.
  • Gable End Vents: Gable end vents provide a breathable flow through of air for a balanced climate.
  • Finished Soffits: Finished soffits give your fabric roof structure a classic look.
Clearridge Covered Arena

Exterior Perspective – Base Model (With Options)

Arena Interior Perspective - Base Model (With Options)

Interior Perspective – Base Model (With Options)