Fieldstone 20-Stall Center Aisle


The Fieldstone is the choice for professional breeders and trainers. Four entries feature sliding doors to handle the traffic of a larger stable.

Four wash/groom areas, thoughtfully positioned in the center, provide ample area for multiple horses and handlers.

Equipment storage—two tack rooms, including a private tack room for the trainer; an office; feed storage room; and bathrooms are all a part of this functional and beautiful facility.

Three covered porches protect from inclement weather; optional second story; roofs can be extended to partially cover runs off the stalls.

Basic Stable Plans

Trilogy Standard Stable Package


  • Post and beam construction with exposed, solid, full dimension wood members
  • Pre-cut solid Douglas fir structural wood members
  • 12'-0" structural frame spacing
  • Custom designed, exposed, powder coated 1/4" thick steel framing connections and bolts
  • 6:12 roof slope
  • 1x10 roof sheathing
  • 4'-0" eave overhangs and 1'-0" gable end overhangs
  • Solid wood 10'-0" high exterior walls of 1x10 boards with 1x3 battens
  • Pre-hung pine/fir windows
  • Powder coated stall exterior "Builder
  • Series" shutters with rolled channel steel construction
  • Sliding solid aisle doors with rolled channel steel construction and hardware
  • Black or hunter green color for powder coated stall equipment
    Tongue and groove pine/fir infill material for stall shutters and sliding aisle doors
  • All structures are designed to be anchored to concrete foundations (by others)
  • Standard engineering for design loads (snow: 25 psf, wind: 90 mph exposure B, seismic 0.3 g ground acceleration, and occupancy category I structure).
  • Increased engineering is available for your specific location, and can be discussed at your convenience.
  • Full set of drawings for construction

Does Not Include

  • Roofing and roof accessories
  • Flashing and waterproofing
  • Insulation
  • Concrete and foundations
  • Finish flooring and stall mats
  • Sealers, stains, and paints, except touch up material for powder coated products
  • Nails, screws, and other miscellaneous attachment means
  • Site work
  • Utility connections
  • Plumbing and mechanical fixtures and equipment
  • Electrical line diagrams, load calculations, wiring, and fixtures
  • Building permits and regulatory agency fees are the responsibility of the client


  • Roof extensions over stall run
  • Modifications to roof slope
  • Roof/wall modifications for loft/second story head clearance
  • Ridge skylights
  • Cupolas with fixed or operable windows
  • Roof dormers with vents or windows
  • Copper clad gable vents
  • Exposed timber truss at gable end
  • Decorative corbels and brackets
  • Full or partial loft/second floor with access hatch, interior or exterior stair
  • Second floor exterior deck
  • Additional floor plan extensions in any direction
  • Increased structural bay spacing
  • Basic interior wood single horizontal 2x6 wall construction, for finished rooms shown
  • 2x6 interior stud wall, for finished rooms shown, with tongue and groove pine/fir finish
  • Exterior siding options
  • Pre-hung pine/fir two panel swing door
  • Additional and/or larger windows
  • Additional manufactured window, door, and hardware packages
  • Ten stall front designs
  • Mesh and grill options for stall fronts
  • Feed doors and feeding options for stall fronts
  • Stall side wall partitions
  • Grills and additional options for stall side wall partitions
  • Two stall Dutch door designs, in place of exterior shutters
  • Stall Dutch door and exterior shutter yokes and additional options
  • Sliding aisle doors with glazing
  • Pine/fir, HDPE, or EquiGreen bamboo tongue and groove lumber for stalls and interior finish
  • Automatic stall waterers and additional accessories
  • Stall feed bowls
  • Interior protective powder coated steel grills for horse accessible windows
  • Wash stall side wall partitions and accessories
  • Powder coated barn accessories
  • Powder coated chew protection for exposed wood members
  • 188 color choices for powder coated
  • Series 38 ASTM rated powder coated stall equipment for corrosive atmospheres
  • Stainless steel stall equipment hardware for corrosive atmospheres
  • Stable and stall rubber flooring
  • Mud free paddock and stall run soil stabilization
  • Automatic insect control spray system
  • Interior light fixtures
  • Interior heater and fan units
  • Increased engineering for project specific design loads